Lead Paint
Testing for Lead in Paint, Dust, Soil & Water

Lead Paint as a health hazard


Lead was used in paint to make paint more durable and to last longer. People can get lead in their bodies by ingesting material containing lead or even by absorbing lead dust through their skin. For children, who are prone to putting things in their mouth, the hazards are everywhere - window sills, doors, stairs, railings, banisters, porches and fences. Lead dust is barely visible and can get on almost anything. Children are particularly susceptible to poising because their bodies absorb more lead than adults and their brains and nervous system are more sensitive to the damaging effects of leads.

Lead testing in paint, dust, soil & water

At GAC, our licensed professionals will test all surfaces for lead hazard. Testing includes: collecting information on the age and history of the dwelling, information on occupancy by children under the age of six , and an overall visual inspection of potential lead hazards by licensed and trained professional. If lead is found, there are many abatement options available that include removal, encapsulation, repair and enclosure. Take the next step towards protecting yourself and your family.

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